No Offence

Months into the project the tracts I was working on managing were lagging behind.  My inexperience, cultural barriers, technical challenges, and resources all contributed to a series of delays.  No one on the team had any issue with the way I’d been handling things because I kept them in the loop and help set proper…

Glad You’re Here

Being grateful for those on your team is a solid indicator of how you are seen as a leader.

Those Pesky Feelings

Stay in control of your emotions and don’t let your emotions control you. Too often I’ve seen a leader neglect to check their emotions and in so doing they make it harder for people to follow them.

Together is Better

A few weeks back I was updating the Book List and snuck in there a little book with a lot of wonderful pictures.  Today I’d like to mention a bit about Simone Sinek’s Together is Better. There are a few things that a reader will need to accept in order to enjoy this book.  Chief…