Project Management vs Project Leadership

I’d like to start off by pointing out this is not a true dichotomy.  Project Management and Project Leadership are not exclusively on the same spectrum, but there are differences and placing them as opposites on the same spectrum can provide some insights into the discipline and our behavior. Transactional vs Contextual One of the…

Illogical Behavior ≈ Illogical Measurements

Tell me how you measure me and I’ll tell you how I behave.  If you measure me illogical way. . . do not complain about illogical behavior. This past week I got to meet someone who I’d instantly consider a friend of mine.  She works as a continuous improvement engineer for a potato manufacturing company…

No Offence

Months into the project the tracts I was working on managing were lagging behind.  My inexperience, cultural barriers, technical challenges, and resources all contributed to a series of delays.  No one on the team had any issue with the way I’d been handling things because I kept them in the loop and help set proper…

Glad You’re Here

Being grateful for those on your team is a solid indicator of how you are seen as a leader.

Those Pesky Feelings

Stay in control of your emotions and don’t let your emotions control you. Too often I’ve seen a leader neglect to check their emotions and in so doing they make it harder for people to follow them.