The Bee’s Knees

There’s a great post over at the Telegram about this phrase and other slang terms from the flapper era.  Wiktionary gives us this background: Attested since 1922, of unclear origin.[1] There are several suggested origins, but it may simply have been in imitation of the numerous animal related nonsense phrases popular in the 1920s such as…

Pick a Side

I will admit that I fall into one of these camps.  You’re welcome to speculate in the comments about which one Also, I have a stronger opinion on the above than I do about voting in political campaigns.

Corrupting the Language

As the language evolves it evolves in different direction. The Urban Dictionary does a great job showing the evolution of the language, but you can see how crude it is. In contrast there are these verses in the Book of Moses 6 5 And a book of remembrance was kept, in the which was recorded,…

Words for the Week

There are some great words out there that deserve to become a more active part of everyone’s vocabulary.

Smuggling English

Since Solo: A Star Wars Story is due in theaters soon, and the main character is considered an established expert in the smuggling trade, I’m wondering how many smuggling oriented words will be included in the movie. It should be no surprise to the routine readers of this blog (thank you mom and dad) that I…