ACP: Thank You

The way the Transition Assistance Program (TAP) executed by Department of Labor which is responsible for training those leaving the military is not without it’s criticisms.   I found my experience to be extraordinary oriented towards the sort of job hunting that is generally proven to be the most difficult i.e. blindly submit your resume to…

Glad You’re Here

Being grateful for those on your team is a solid indicator of how you are seen as a leader.

An Open Letter to Tony & The Time Team

 When people make a difference in my life I try to take the time to tell them thank you.  Now it’s your turn.  Thank you for nerding out for twenty years in producing Time Team.  Had the program not been posted on youtube, I never would have known it existed.  As an American and as a Soldier

The Impact of Gratitude

OIF one was the first deployment for most of us and most of the memories we carry from those days are from the firsts of that experience.  At one point in the deployment I ended up in charge of a 5’10” former entrepreneur and Rutgers Hockey player named Jenny.  Her responsiveness as a Soldier inspired…