What better way to end the week than with a new font to add to your library?  Fonts are your friends, and on Fridays it’s important to spend time with your friends.

The Roboto font family was released in 2015 the same year as Apple’s San Francisco font, but of course it wasn’t Apple releasing it.  It was Google.  Roboto is the font designed for Android… That is until they decided to change it (that’s a hint at a future p81deb5bf-a50d-47a5-b882-964ede6ab2ffost).  It’s available on Google’s online office suite and available for download.

My personal preference is towards the thinner weight versions of the font.  I find them hinting at a level of sophistication and elegance.

Highly recommend giving it a download today and have a go at it.

San Francisco

Among the newer fonts in my inventory is Apple’s San Francisco which is the default font on iOS devices and the new MacBook keyboards.  This font replaced Helvetica Neue as Apple’s default font and for good reason.  @Kadavy breaks down the improved performance on screens as well as other aspects of the font in his post soon after the font was introduced.

I’m not observant enough to see all the subtle design differences, but I am observant enough to know it looks good and to know where to download it.  Apple has released both variants to this font and their respective weights for free on GitHub.  I’d highly recommend adding it to your library today.