Civilization Collapse

A few people I’ve gotten to know over the years have asked if I have a history degree.  When they do I refer them to my brothers who both have degrees and have taught in the subject.  Recently I came across a video that connects several of my favorite topics, history, systems theory, economics, and…

I, Pencil

I, Pencil is a great essay about economics.  This version is the one I tend to share with folks who need a good first introduction.  Recently I was sharing this with a group of 3rd graders and it was interesting to see how much they understood.

Book Review: A Personal Odyssey by Thomas Sowell

A polarizing figure among many circles Thomas Sowell is best known for an author of sharp words and well researched opinions, but what he has often alluded to throughout the years is the humble beginnings of a journey that inadvertently lead him to the prominence he has achieved in life.  This book narrates that process.