Ice Cream Philosophiser

“Dad, if you think about it everything in the world is either made of ice cream, or not made of ice cream.” While this is a bit odd it does show a propensity for binary thinking.  I didn’t quite know how to respond, but in my head I’m thinking 1’s and 0’s aren’t going to…

Martin Wimpress is a Genius

Often times it takes a while for society to realize the impact of one of its members before it chooses to honor them for their contributions.  It’s easy to search for lists of artists who aren’t appreciated in their time.  We will never know the name of the garbage man at Disneyland that essentially invented…

Go Dance With A Penguin Part 1

I’ve written earlier about how prototyping with open source can save thousands of dollars and in this post I’d like to make the case that even if you’re not prototyping now is a good time to go dancing with the penguins. As those familiar with the community know linux’s mascot is a penguin named tux….

Size Matters

Growing up with my dad was an experience, and for every experience there’s a story to tell. Dad has always been a gadget guy. When it was time to go Christmas shopping I remember going to Toys R Us. It was a big deal for us to be in a store with that many toys….