Stuff & Others

People who take care of their stuff seem to have more stuff and nicer stuff. People who treat others with repsect seem to have more friends and better friendships.

Together is Better

A few weeks back I was updating the Book List and snuck in there a little book with a lot of wonderful pictures.  Today I’d like to mention a bit about Simone Sinek’s Together is Better. There are a few things that a reader will need to accept in order to enjoy this book.  Chief…

Interview Feedback

Two weeks ago my daughter had her first job interview for a local pizza company (she got the job). Similarly I did several hours where I was being intervewed for positions within the valley. One of the companies I interviewed with scheduled 5 1/2 hours of interviews. That’s a lot of answering questions. When I…

Be Where You Are

While technology may give us the ability to be somewhere else.  It’s important to remember to be where you are. Put down the laptop during client meetings.  It creates a wall between you and others. Don’t just do your best to meet in the same room. Meet them eye to eye.

The Listening Difference

Listening makes a significant difference in the quality of our relationships, but we often miss opportunities to be better listeners. Listening is a profound sign of respect. In many cultures the is tehe one who has the autority. When you take the time to listen you elevate the status of the person who’s speaking. To…