In many churches there is only a small handful of individuals who speak from the pulpit. In our church we all take turns and I’m so grateful we do. There are some amazing testimonies among the members and I’m glad they get to share their voice.


I’ve often heard the phrase ‘magnify one’s calling’ and immediately associated this with the wonderful lenses we have in our modern era. Then last week I decided to look up the origin of the word and it turns out magnify has nothing to do with lenses. My quest started from Joshua 3:7 And the Lord…

The Faith To Repent

This talk was given at the Oak Creek Ward in Meridian Idaho on 23 April 2017. Often when a member of the Bishopric will ask you to give a talk they will ask you to stay within a theme or reference a talk from General Conference.  I asked for permission to choose my own and…

Book of Mormon Lexicon

I’ve become a bit eccentric about certain things I’ve studied over the years.  A friend of mine at work and I are putting together a list of things people shouldn’t ask me if they want short answers to questions.  We’ve titled the list “Don’t ask the following if you want a short answer.”  The list includes

An Intersting Way to Make Your Home a Refuge From the World

    Today I’ve been asked to talk about how as a father you make your home a refuge from the world for your family.  Anyone who knows me from speaking, knows full well I’m not going to start my talk on topic.  So let’s start with a confession.     I really enjoy photobombing,…