Fry Wars

I do find it ironic that Lamb Weston’s site advertising free freench fries on Friday includes the logo and flyer for their largest competitor, Simplot.

KDE 5.13

I didn’t know it until I switched from Windows, but operating systems are generally not the same things as the interfaces we use to connect with them.  This is especially noticable under Linux. Linux has been my operating system of choice for a while and recently I was able to get all of my needed…

Happy News

If the news you’re watching encourages you to see the what’s wrong in the world instead of all the wonderful things that are going well, then maybe you need a different source of news. I love my feeds!  Today I saw that:  a racoon climbed a 23 story building Writing status: scrapping work in progress…

Stuff & Others

People who take care of their stuff seem to have more stuff and nicer stuff. People who treat others with repsect seem to have more friends and better friendships.


I’ve often heard the phrase ‘magnify one’s calling’ and immediately associated this with the wonderful lenses we have in our modern era. Then last week I decided to look up the origin of the word and it turns out magnify has nothing to do with lenses. My quest started from Joshua 3:7 And the Lord…