We Already Fail Often

Failing in professional settings is now seen as opportunities to improve.  There’s a good professional discussion on the mantra Fail Forward.  There’s also more than one article parsing through the rhetoric to expose that a simple phraseology is not the cure for everything. While the phrase and concept have had some success in professional settings…

Galactic Hero

I’m looking forward to adding this title to my resume. Dad and I Both earned it.

Pick a Side

I will admit that I fall into one of these camps.  You’re welcome to speculate in the comments about which one Also, I have a stronger opinion on the above than I do about voting in political campaigns.

Gnarly, Rad, & Awesome

Google’s Ngram Viewer tracks the appearances of words or phrases in written books.  Sometimes it’s fun to review a word used in the past to see how it’s popularity changes over time. Having been alive during the 1980’s I remember several words that were predominantly fads during that decade.  The graph clearly shows the emergence…

Adobe’s Font License– Small Print

It should come as no surprise that I do enjoy good fonts.  For years now I’ve had a subscription to Adobe Creative Cloud, but I also primarily run Linux.  Adobe’s software doesn’t run on Linux.  So, I figured that since I was paying for the Creative Cloud license that I was paying for the ability…